where the money goes

Stupid Cancer works tirelessly to be the best stewards of the revenue it receives from it's constituent supports and corporate partners. We are as mission-driven as they come and want to wake up every day knowing we're maximizing our impact to empower young adults affected by cancer.


On behalf of those served through our mission, we again thank you again for your trust, belief and commitment to our growth, impact and success. Since 2007, we have raised more than $3M to fight cancer in young adults, and no less than 82% of every dollar has gone to directly support our award-winning programs and services. 


frequently asked questions

Q: Do you use donor dollars to purchase the inventory for the Stupid Cancer Store?

A: No. The store is entirely self-sufficient. Profit from purchases made in the store cover the cost of inventory, shipping materials, postage, and miscellaneous related expenses.