The Cancer Card

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Oh no! Are you sick and tired of people asking you, "How are you feeling, today?", or perhaps one of those "But you look great!" awkward moments? But wait! There's more! "You've lost so much weight!", or "I love the new hairdo! What's your secret?" What to do???

It's time to cash in all those pity chips and milk your diagnosis for all it's worth. Why? Because why not? Play your cancer card. You'll be glad you did. After all, you've earned it. Survivors rule!


  • The Cancer Card is a novelty item that raises awareness for young adult cancer.
  • The Cancer Card has no actual value and cannot be used to redeem rewards points or any actual goods or services.
  • The Cancer Card cannot get you out of jail free, nor can it get you out of cancer treatment, a spat with your partner or jury duty.


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Cancer Cards
Written by Gina on 22nd Apr 2020

Cancer Cards are advertised as cute, supportive cards. No where on there website does it sho back of card whic has cuss word/profanity. As a former sales/marketing exec in healthcare AND a cancer survivor, it's offensive and unfortunate they have to use profanity in their Mktg. I asked to return product, and they are dragging their feet. POOR CUSTOMER SRVS.....another unfortunate red flag.

Cancer card
Written by Rhonda on 11th Nov 2019

It's a humorous thing to whip out on people. Shows I have a sense of humor about my situation..

The Cancer Card
Written by Stephen K Kelly on 18th Oct 2019

I was given one of these card by my niece and fellow cancer patient years ago. Since then, I've bought a number of these cards to give out to my fellow cancer patients. The card always gets a big laugh, and that one laugh alone is worth many time the cost. Thank you.

Cancer card
Written by Joan on 24th Jun 2019

This is my daughter's third time around with treatment. The cancer card made he laugh out loud! Thank you so much

Keeping our sense of tumor....
Written by Kristin on 26th Mar 2019

This card was EXACTLY what I needed for my recently diagnosed bestie! Great quality, great price! Great chuckles everywhere. <3 Keep laughing!

It Actually Works/Not Just A Gag
Written by Heather Mueller on 27th Sep 2018

I recieved this as a gift from a friend after my cancer metastasized and I went terminal. I show this puppy everywhere and always ask waiters, store managers, etc. what does my card do for me in their business, store, what have you. Not one person hasn't laughed and some have even given me extra accomdations. I truly think there needs to be a Terminal Cancer Card edition though. Would larger bulk packs at a discount because I need all my cancer brothers and sisters I come across to get one as well. They're pricey!

Kickin' Cancer's Arse!
Written by Carolyn Robbins on 8th Jul 2018

This is the second pack of these bad boys I've bought. I distributed some of the first amongst my ALK Positive (Cancer) buddies. Bought these just for me. Got them on every key fob and in every purse/card holder. I'm playing this card big time. My cancer is terminal but the fun I can have with these Mo Fo's isn't. Huge thanks to the brains behind this throne. xxx

Fun card
Written by Cat on 19th Mar 2018

What a fun way to laugh at cancer! Truly, if you've got it, play it. Because... cancer.

Playing the Cancer Card
Written by Carolyn on 4th Dec 2017

Oh joy! Got these for me and 2 other ALK's. Boy are we gonna play these! With an incurable cancer you've gotta find a laugh where ever you can! Such fun!

Written by Jamie on 18th Sep 2015

Just what I need when I just can't even anymore!

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